General Introduction to CHBA

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?????? China Hairdressing & Beauty Association (CHBA), established on April 16th 1990, is a national incorporated association, officially approved and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. At the end of 1998, CHBA joined Organisation Mondiale Coiffure (OMC), the world's largest beauty organization, and became its country member in 2006.
ag亚戏|首页ag视讯厅 ?????? With the orientation of providing specialty, authority, and guidance to the industry, CHBA has been working hard on industry development while carrying forward the Chinese national culture of hairdressing and beauty. The major duty of CHBA is to manage the industry, to serve the public, and to accelerate the cooperation between home and abroad. On that premise, CHBA has committed itself to increasing the members, making industrial management, assisting the government in making and carrying out relative regulations, conducting syndicated surveys and evaluations, introducing the latest skills and products, organizing all kinds of competitions, training causes and exhibitions, publishing professional books and newspapers, and vindicating members’ legal interest.
??????? At present, CHBA has more than 2000 group members and 20000 individual members from all of the country. The group members include local associations, enterprises and training schools. The individual members include the salon managers, hairstylists, beauticians, experts, scholars, schoolmasters, and so on.

— Leadership

Honorary President: Shiyao Zhang, Jihai He, Shude Yang, Yuanlan Tian
Honorary Consultant: Ruiqiang Liao, Xiulong Jichuan
Consultant: Qidi Huo, Shuzhou Li, Zhongyuan Chi, Jinzhao Peng, Junguang Tu
President: Xiuzhen Yan
Vice President:Yixun Wu, Jianyi Peng, Jiaxin Li, Degao Tang, Jian Wang, Lizhi Ma, Zhihua Zhang,Ping Jiang, Chen Sun, Chunying Zheng,Ning Jiang, Huaiqing Sun, Yong Chen, YuMing Lu, Hong Wang, Min Jiang, Ximan Yu, titanium fasteners,Ying Gao, Wenhong Gao, Wei Xu, Yushi Yao

— Organization Structure

1.?Standing Body
General Office: administration
Industry Development Department: making regulations, conducting syndicated surveys and consultation, holding forums
Event Department: organizing all kinds of competitions and shows, publishing industrial trends, in charge of the work of R&D center
PR Department: editing and releasing information, contacting media
Marketing Department: organizing exhibitions, receiving magazine advertising and circulation, launching product promotions and campaigns
International Department: dealing with foreign affairs and international communication

Hairdressing and Beauty Professional Training Committee of CHBA
Manicure Art Committee of CHBA
Skin Care Committee of CHBA
Hairdressing Art Committee of CHBA

— Contact Information

Address: Room 5003 No.1 floor yuetan south street 26 XIcheng Distirct, Beijing?
Zip code: 100825
Telephone number: ?+86(10)66030117/ 66021653

— Media of CHBA

Hairdressing and Beauty – Hair Stylist
Founded in January 1994, it is a skill and management-oriented magazine targeting technical and managerial personnel in hairdressing area. As a monthly publication on the 8th, this magazine is issued domestically and internationally. Its main topics include trends, skills, management guidelines, career development, etc.

Hairdressing and Beauty – Makeup Artist
Founded in January 2004, it is a skill and management-oriented magazine targeting technical and managerial personnel in make-up, design, and manicure industry. As a monthly publication on the 8th, this magazine is issued domestically and internationally. Its main topics include trends, design ideas, skill training, etc.

China Hairdressing and Beauty Information
Founded in January 2008, it is offered to CHBA members and the readers of Hairdressing and Beauty for free as an industry trade magazine. It is published monthly on the 8th, covering the topics such as industry regulations, information, legal consultation, etc.

Official Website of CHBA
Founded in October 2002, this website mainly focuses on releasing CHBA information and industry updates as well as introducing new knowledge and skills. Its major channels include industry updates, related information, festivals, trends & fashion, international channel, home of members, career opportunities, regulations, R&D center, etc.

News Center
Founded on December 1st, 2003, it provides information and guidance for both hairdressing and beauty professionals and consumers through industry media and general news media.



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